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My Week Without Chaos

This week is my “Week Without Chaos.” The other librarians and I have been quite busy for quite some time, so our supervisor has given us each one week this summer to be at work, but not at work. We can close our office doors, take a laptop down to one of the study rooms, or do anything else that will help us get some uninterrupted time to complete whatever tasks we choose to complete. And this week is my week.

My Week Without Chaos

Up until today, this week hasn’t been all that different from a normal week. Four of my co-workers were preparing two posters to take to ALA, and I wasn’t mentally prepared to have basically no human interaction all day, so I spent portions of each day helping people with posters and handouts and whatever else they needed help with. This probably wasn’t what was intended, but that’s fine with me. After all, I was interrupting myself. I was in control of my schedule for the first time in quite a while.

But today… Today everyone but A and I were off to ALA. Today I took full advantage of my WWC. I took a laptop and my project out to the sumptuous red couch that has been tantalizing me all year. It sits in the center of the huge bank of windows in our reference area, and it lures students into its deep, soft suede cushions. They think they’re going to study there, but it doesn’t take long for the couch to exert it’s soporific powers.

Working Hard

Well, now that no students are around, that couch looked so lonely. I vowed that it wouldn’t get the better of me. I was stronger than the couch. If push came to shove, I could quit any time. And somehow, through sheer dint of will, I managed to stay awake all day. I sat on that couch and read my Immersion pre-reading. It was glorious. THIS is what a Week Without Chaos is good for.

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  1. Iris Iris

    Oh, I am enjoying. No fears there. This is GREAT. The only problem is that today it was just me and one other librarian here (everybody else is at ALA), and no students, and the place is WAY too quiet.

    Nevertheless, I sat on that couch… sank into that couch… loved that couch… and read and read all afternoon. But now I’m totally starved for human interaction. :)

    Anyone want to come and hang out in the library on Monday when I’ll be the ONLY reference librarian here all day? Please? Pretty please?

  2. […] Today we started actually reading sophomore writing portfolios using our new rubric. It’s slow going, but seems like it’ll be useful in so many ways. It also gives us a chance to spend time sitting out on the huge comfy red couch in the reference room. Last time I sat there I was getting ready for Immersion. […]

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