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What I’ve Been Up To

It’s hard to believe that August is nearly half over. It’s harder to believe that the second half is likely to be the busier half. In part because I want to remember what I want to write about later, here’s a list of the biggies that we’ve worked on so far this month:

  • We revised the rubric we’re using to evaluate the level of information literacy in sophomore writing portfolios. (Even just coming up with this rubric has been a fascinating project. I can’t wait to see what we learn from it later, but I actually can’t imagine the results being any more educational than the rubric-planning process has been.)
  • Then came that Mini-Immersion day, which was also hugely instructive.
  • In between all of this, I’ve been building LibGuides like there’s no tomorrow. (I tell you, building guides in these things are ridiculously engrossing and … dare I say it … FUN.) Here are my guides so far. I love it that I’m able to add guidance about keeping track of your research along the way, or studying abroad, or even just add search boxes for musicians or Russians. I still have one for English majors to do, and one on finding book reviews. Then it’ll be time to start creating course-specific guides for Fall term.
  • Today we started actually reading sophomore writing portfolios using our new rubric. It’s slow going, but seems like it’ll be useful in so many ways. It also gives us a chance to spend time sitting out on the huge comfy red couch in the reference room. Last time I sat there I was getting ready for Immersion.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a professor and several other academic support units about her support-intensive course, more portfolios to read, and hopefully a LibGuide to finish.

Busy is good. Especially when it’s the kind of busy that requires creativity, rewards initiative, results in growth, and reminds me just how engaged, thoughtful, and talented my colleagues are.

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