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It’s been such a busy week! The fact that tomorrow’s Friday is almost sustaining me at this point.

Anway, I hope to have finished the rebuttal to the “Changing Nature of the Catalog” report (see yesterday’s post) by tonight. So far, all I can say is “Wow.” There’s just a little bit of anger fueling this thing. Not that Mann doesn’t make some good point, and not that Calhoun’s article isn’t flawed in some ways… but WOW. (More on this later.)

In the mean time, here are the cool things I’ve found recently:

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  1. CW CW

    Thanks for the links, especially the blogs – all very interesting, and I’m always interested in finding new Australian ones!

  2. Iris Iris

    Wow, CW. I’m impressed with your time-stamp. Isn’t that 3:39am in Australia?!? You really are taking the early-riser challenge!

  3. CW CW

    Heh – I’m not that dedicated, Iris! Not sure, but I was probably writing that comment at either 5:39am or 6:39am, definitely not 3:39am!

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