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Calling All LSW Members: It’s time to reunite

LSWlogoBack in the ancient days of social networking, all the way back in 2007, my friend and former classmate Josh Neff posted a tweet that rocked the library world, we just didn’t know it yet. He declared that there would be a library society that didn’t charge dues, and that this society would be called the Library Society of the World. My friend Steve Lawson took up the call, and I signed on as a “founding member” along with several others. We gave each other goofy titles and made up goofy bylaws (my contribution was that we would always be one short of a quarum). After a while we set up a chat room on Meebo (remember Meebo??), and a while after that we took up residence on FriendFeed. And little by little it dawned on us that we weren’t joking any more. We were a real library society comprised of library folk from around the world.

In the 7 years we lived together on Friendfeed, membership grew to the thousands depending on where you counted, friendships blossomed and drama came to visit from time to time. Some people left the profession, and new librarians were born. FriendFeed got bought by Facebook (and donated likes and threaded comments to the Facebook interface). And finally Facebook pulled the plug on us in April of 2015.

For nearly a year we’ve been in diaspora. Some went to Facebook, some went to Slack, others went back to Twitter. We tried message boards and Nothing felt like home.

Then appeared. And now I’m mounting the call: it’s time to come home! LSWians Unite! And if you aren’t sure just how much like home it will feel, here’s a screenshot for you. Look familiar?mokum

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