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Email List Politics: a brief local guide

I’m sure most campuses have a similar point of hilarity. On our campus, the hilarity has to do with mass email communication. There are three email lists that govern our lives: the one for all faculty, the one for all students, and the one for all staff.

On our campus, only the faculty and the Dean of the College’s office can email all faculty, only the Dean of Students’ office can email all students, and everyone can email all staff. So I’ve been in meetings where people say “Well, we’ll email all staff and they can forward it to interested faculty or students.” Meanwhile, the staff get the PDF newsletters from all the different departments, the special event notifications… basically, we know a lot about a lot of stuff on campus.

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  1. Funny to see this now. My campus has a hashtag for email to faculty, students, staff, and right now campus is doing away with it (or rather, severely restricting it to just certain “Authorized” users– who by the way no idea who those are, separate question) because everyone uses the tags to send anything and everything. We’ll see how it goes.

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