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Month: April 2015

Emergency Planning For Safe Learning Environments – ACRL 2015 – Links and Handouts

As I mentioned before, my coworker Kristin and I presented a workshop at ACRL 2015 on emergency planning for libraries. The idea was that there are all kinds of things that libraries or individual groups within libraries can do to be more prepared for disruptive circumstances, many of them are even very simple.

The workshop proved to be an action-packed 3 hours featuring a cast of wonderful participants. I learned a lot, and I hope they each came away with something useful. If you want to see our materials, we shared¬†all of our handouts here¬† including example copies of an emergency plan and a set of scenarios to use if you’d like to conduct a lively and informative exercise with your colleagues.

Happy planning!

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RIP FriendFeed, 2007-2015

friendfeedYou’d think I’d have a lot to say about the shuttering of FriendFeed, my online community, the place where I lived day in and day out for nearly 8 years (which matches the longest span of time I’ve lived in any physical neighborhood in my life). I’ve made and lost friends, mourned death, celebrated birth and marriage, learned to engage with opposing and complementary views, and generally grown up as a person and as a librarian on FriendFeed.

But I find I don’t have much to say as Facebook turns out the lights on us today and does whatever Facebook does with servers it no longer supports. What could anyone possibly say?

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