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Call Me Ms. Information Literacy: Two Sessions at the Minnesota Library Association this Week

As it turns out, I’ll be presenting at MLA not once but twice this week, so if you’re headed there be sure to stop by and say hi!

First I’ll be part of a panel with Jason Paul of St. Olaf and Rachel Weiss of Augustana entitled “The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy: What Does It Mean for Instruction Librarians?” We’ll talk about weaving together your institution’s mission and the new (still draft) Framework for Information Literacy to create elements in your library sessions that move students toward greater competence with the core concepts of the Framework.

Then I’ll do a quick change and present with my colleague Heather Tompkins and with two colleagues from Gustavus, Anna Hulseberg and Michelle Twait, on a session entitled “Studying the Second Year: College Sophomores, Research Behavior, and Information Communication.” The Gustavus librarians have done some fascinating research into the behaviors of sophomores who are preparing research projects, and Heather and I have been part of our library’s Information Literacy in Student Writing (based off of sophomore writing). Put the two together and we suddenly know quite a lot about sophomore skills and habits when it comes to research.

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