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Month: May 2014

Summer of Construction

Road-under-constructionThis summer will be a summer of upheaval in my physical spaces around me. We still have 4 weeks of classes before summer starts here, but the upheaval isn’t waiting for such things as academia.

The academic support center is moving into the library (so exciting! so many possibilities for closer collaboration!). All but 3 Reference & Instruction librarians are moving offices (some into offices that will be newly constructed because of the academic support center moving in and using space that currently has some of our offices in it). Our technical services department (which is having space carved out of it for the displaced reference librarians) is being completely torn up and redesigned. All the lab computers in the library are up for replacement. The stone on the outside of the reference area half of the building has to be torn off and replaced. The stairwell in the reference area has a crack in the wall and needs repair. We’re putting in some new moveable shelves. An area just in front of the library needs to be torn up and rebuilt.

Meanwhile at home, the city is tearing up my street and replacing water and sewer lines and such (and it has become clear that the city doesn’t quite know how any given house gets its water and sewer connection, so confusion abounds).

Any one of these things would make for an adventure, but all of it together? I’ve decided to choose to find everything related to all of this both exciting and hilarious.

Also, if there are any more potential disruptions, this summer is definitely the time to squeeze them in while we’re all helter skelter anyway. Strike while the iron is confused!


Heartfelt Questions

At the end of most of my instruction sessions now I ask students to do a combination Metacognitive Exercise and assessment form that consists of three questions: What is one thing you learned that was new and/or helpful? What is one thing that is still confusing or that you would still like to know about? Overall, how satisfied were you with the instruction session (scale of 1-5)?

For my last instruction session I got this response in the “What is one thing you would still like to know” category:

Does researching get easier over time? With practice? Depending on the subject?

What would you tell this student?