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Having Survived Fall Term

And now, back to your irregularly scheduled librarian mundanity…

The last finals have be given, so Fall term is officially over. Fall terms are always intense, and this one was no exception. The difference this time is that I now have a couple of years of data all in LibAnalytics to look at. Turns out, I do over a third of all my teaching for the whole year in a two-week period in October. Yeow.

This year was also the year of “I wrote the paper, so now I just need some sources,” which is wrenching for both me and the student (particularly because the answer is often “there is no source that says that, so you’ll have to re-write your paper).

I’m also branching out in my projects, helping to run the new Emergency Planning task force. That probably deserves its own post at some point — it’s been a wild ride so far and I now know more than I thought I ever would about our electrical system and the Clery Act.

I ran through my limited energy a couple of weeks ago, so I’m really looking forward to the long weekend this week and the Christmas holidays coming up. I need some quality couch time!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. See you in December, most likely.

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