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FriendFeed Resurrected: the Afterstory

As with most stories involving hacktivism, major corporations, insanity, and backwater social media platforms, we will probably never know exactly what happened this past weekend when FriendFeed went down for a day and a half.

Theory One

Exhibit A

One perfectly plausible theory is that someone accidentally tripped over the FF server’s power cord down in Facebook Headquarters and nobody noticed until Sunday. Meanwhile an Anon thought this would be a good time to protest censorship, little realizing that this would make Anonymous a bit of a laughing stock.


Exhibit B

Evidence for this theory includes: A) the fact that someone at FB HQ could “push the button” that made FF go again, and B) the complete laughability of any Anon thinking FF was one of the biggest social networks in the world.



Theory Two

A snippet of Exhibit A (click to see the full crazy)
A snippet of Exhibit A (click to see the full crazy)

The other theory is that this misguided Anon really did throw an epic tantrum thinking that account deletion (and therefore content deletion) combined with buggy search equals censorship. Evidence for this theory include A) the continuing tantrum that this Anon is throwing over in FF over having had his account deleted as spam and having seen other content disappear and, somehow, images of the Boston Marathon Bombing and an over-representation of librarians on FF… (I believe the technical term is “batshit”)…


Exhibit B


…and B) the complete laughability of thinking “here’s a cause that nobody at FB HQ will care about — let’s claim responsibility because then they will PHEER US” when really, nobody at FB noticed until we told them.

Either way, Anonymous (or at least this Anon) didn’t do itself any favors. … And now I’ll probably be DoSed. Sigh.


Whatever the truth, we’ve learned a few things:

  1. Back when FF was still its own thing and they were still developing and improving its code, the data that the search function used was all housed on one machine. Since then, we’ve generated a LOT of data, so essentially old stuff isn’t indexed any more. Probably some new stuff isn’t either. There just isn’t space. So that’s good to know for all of us.
  2. Facebook let us live! And even revived us!
  3. Anonymous, or at least this Anon, doesn’t seem to understand some fundamental things about life, the universe, and everything.
  4. There is apparently an over-representation of librarians on FriendFeed.
  5. It’s a good thing Iain Baker (of Jesus Jones) has an extensive social network. We owe him and his network a whole lot of thanks.

UPDATE for the lulz: The worst insult known to humankind.



Johnny is not a librarian. It’s just that Exhibit A for Theory Two started with this post:


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