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We’re Published! “Swimming the Matrix: A Dialogue on Teaching Undergraduate Research”

Danielle Theiss and Kiane Kovacs have edited and published a book inspired by the work and writings of Barbara Fister, one of the librarians I most respect in the profession for her complex thinking, clear writing, and general all around amazingness as a person.

The book itself has chapters of all kinds, each of which is inspired by the three main areas of Barbara’s public voice: Change and Academic Librarians, Student Learning and Research, and Publishing and the Academic Library. And one of those chapters is a dialogue that Steve and I had about working effectively with undergraduates. It’s decidedly not  your average library science essay, and it was awfully fun to do. We hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Jastram, Iris, and Steve Lawson. 2013. “Swimming in the Matrix: A Dialogue on Teaching Undergraduate Research.” In Finding a Public Voice: Barbara Fister as a Case Study, edited by Danielle Theiss and Diane Kovacs, 69–84. Chicago: ACRL.


p.s. Kudos to ACRL for their fabulous author agreements.

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