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My glamorous life: copyright notices for copiers

Lately I’ve been involved in the glamorous side of helping to run a library: negotiating about trash pickup and posting copyright notices. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to hear about trash, but I did learn something odd about those copyright notices that section 108 requires libraries to post near copiers. Turns out? There’s no standard wording for them. The notices I’d seen were so legalistic that I figured they must have that wording required by law, but no. So if you got here by asking Google what those notices should say, the answer is apparently “whatever you want.”

Since I’m not really a fan of notices, I originally went pretty minimalist and educational with my proposal for our library, basically pointing people toward our copyright website. But in the end, here’s the compromise we arrived at:

copyright notice
Licensed under CC0. Do what you like with it!

The actual printed signs didn’t turn out quite right because of quirks of our printing services (somebody decided it needed an inch-wide frame of black? Because copyright isn’t associated enough with doom and gloom?) but since I’m not really a fan of notices I hung them anyway rather than demanding a do-over.

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