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Close but no cigar?

Poor Bilal
Poor Bilal

So, apparently our current stapler, Bilal, was kidnapped late Tuesday night, solidified in jello, and a ransom note left saying that he would be returned safely if we switched back to our old print management system.

I laughed so hard.

But then, as it turned out that nobody in the library knew that this had happened, and that only a few student workers in other departments on campus would say “oh, yeah, I heard about that” it became clear that Carleton students are pretty inept ransomers. Shouldn’t they at least made sure that some staff saw a picture of the jello-ed stapler? Or the note?

Clearly our curriculum is lacking in some areas.



A facebook post reveals a picture of the ransom note. Seen here in all of its stunning brilliance:

Ransom Note
Ransom Note

Butch is our heavy-duty stapler. GoPrint is the old print management system.

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  1. They just have sent in a photo of the stapler in question next to a front page of the New York Times to prove date.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

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