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So… I got kind of stuck in the middle of a 4-part series when life and work swallowed all the time and energy I had for blogging. But the new school year has started, and there’s no way I’m going to let myself stretch out that series forever, so consider this throat-clearing and hello and happy fall term, everyone!

What we’ve worked on or implemented this summer, in no particular order, and only the things I can remember right this minute:

  • LibAnswers, including our first ever general chat reference service (we’ve had individual widgets on our guides for forever, but never a general service)
  • LibAnalytics
  • a Twitter account @GouldLibrary
  • an honest-to-goodness print center in the library
  • a new library director!
  • a new link resolver (SerialSolutions 360 Link, replacing SFX)
  • Summon (not yet live)
  • eBrary
  • a new staff member in the campus IT department that will work closely with the joint Research/IT service and whom I helped hire
  • a chapter for an edited volume co-authored with Steve Lawson and sent off to the editors
  • a new print management system
  • rethinking the statistics we keep
  • working on an article about our Information Literacy in Student Writing project
  • iPads for librarians! As part of a joint iPad Learning Community with St Olaf
  • reading hundreds of student papers for the Information Literacy in Student Writing project
  • And, of course, preparing for all the New Student Week activities and the extra services we run during the first portion of Fall term.
  • We joined in a Mellon grant for Digital Humanities and are helping organize a conference on the same
  • several of us are involved in organizing a conference on visuality in the curriculum
  • I helped pull together a workshop for faculty who would be teaching our first year seminars
  • and we redesigned our trading cards!

So yeah. It was a busy summer! And our summers don’t even start till mid-June!

Next up, finishing that four-part series (I swear I will), and maybe some musings on memory in a digital age, and probably updates about the iPad Learning Communities.

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