What’s in a name

This week, as I and those I talk with have been mulling over Bibliographic Instruction, Information Literacy, and Transliteracy, I keep circling around to thoughts about the act of naming concepts — particularly concepts that sit at the heart of a group’s raison d’ĂȘtre. Names are powerful things, holding within themselves layer upon layer of

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Inflammatory Statement: Transliteracy is Information Literacy for latecomers

I’ve been reading and listening to the discussions about Transliteracy, and last week went to a one-day conference on the topic. And I’ve come to a conclusion. “Transliteracy” is what people who’ve been doing Bibliographic Instruction and calling it Information Literacy have started calling Information Literacy now that they’re finally on board with Information Literacy’s

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ENGL 395: Latin@Bodies on the (Poetry) Line [session 1]

Last year I had my first experience being pretty fully integrated into an American Studies advanced seminar that was explicitly preparing juniors for the experience of writing a senior thesis while also tackling a particular topic within the field of American Studies. It worked fantastically, from my perspective. I’d never had as productive and collaborative

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