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Library Hold Shelf Pros and Cons

I recently got a notice that I had a book waiting for me at the circulation desk. Thrilled, I raced over there having completely forgotten a) that I had put a book on hold months ago, and b) anything about said book. What fun! What an adventure!

After having had my library card scanned and the book desensitized, I realized that there’s a downside to placing a hold on a book that’s so popular that a million other people had placed a hold before you and 85 million people had placed a hold on after me.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I have been there so often myself. In fact, just this month. I usually place books on hold, but I do so with no rush. In other words, the book gets here when it gets here. I don’t feel need to rush since I always have something else to read. Now, depending on my place in the cue, I may forget what the book was when I get the library sending me the e-mail that only says, “the book you put on hold has arrived. Please pick it up by such and such a date.” When I go pick it up, sure enough, I have to read it quick because others are waiting on it. This means if I have others books I am reading, I have to drop something (or put it aside a while) to get this one book done. Quite the pickle. This post just made me smile because it just happened to me too.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

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