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Spelunking in the Library

Running out of space to shelve in reference means a push to weed in reference, and now that I’ve made a first pass through the actual reference shelves in my care, I’m doing a quick look at the stacks just to find reference-y titles that might have been moved there but that we don’t need any more.

I’m finding the best stuff.

Friday I found a bibliography of bibliographies. Then I discovered a couple more bibliographies of bibliographies. I think I’ll compile a bibliography of bibliographies of bibliographies.

Sunday I found this (and be sure to take a look at the chapter titles).

Today I found an unopened bottle of Smirnoff Ice, appropriately shelved in (ok, behind) the PGs. I weeded that right outta there.

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  1. Ah, weeding. So much fun.

    My husband, who is currently a student was in the library last week and also found a Smirnoff Ice in the regular, non-reference stacks. Apparently there is some sort of game for college kids involving handing one another a Smirmoff Ice and calling it “icing.” I don’t get it, but I wonder if this is part of the joke? Or if perhaps the meme has died already, it’s just a leftover someone forgot?

  2. I remember reading about that book someplace else, may have been some other librarian’s blog. Any snickering aside, it actually does look like an interesting book. Good luck on the weeding. I did a weeding of our reference area over two summers (back when I was “head” of reference), and you do come across interesting things now and then.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

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