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Come Be My Boss

Our director here at the Carleton library has announced his retirement, which means that we’re going to need a new director. I’m not sugar-coating this at all when I say that I’ve never worked with such a wonderful and functional group (and I’ve worked with some wonderful people in my lifetime). If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that we are passionate about the liberal arts, undergraduates, and facilitating high-level research experiences on campus.

I could go on, but instead I think I’ll leave it up to you to see if the job ad, the library’s mission, vision, and strategic plan, and our information literacy goals inspire you to work with us. You can also peek at the publications and presentations the staff have made.

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  1. Good hunting! Given the really wonderful work you’re doing at Carleton, I’m certain you’ll get some great applicants who want to help you sustain and advance it.

  2. Won Ha Won Ha

    Hi Iris. I love your blog and your love of what you do. It shows. I am also an academic librarian, and while I am interested in everything that has to do with academic libraries, I am especially deeply interested in leadership in academic libraries. The fact that you are happy with your colleagues and that you are motivated to do more shows that you have a very effective leader. I would love to read about your director’s thoughts/philosophy on leading an academic library, and how academic libraries have changed during his/her career, and his/her advice on current or future leaders. Are there any plans in interviewing your director?

    Thank you,

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