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New Student Week: A day in pictures

I love the day new students arrive. We all know they’re scared and kind of shell shocked, so the people who organize these first few days go out of their way to make everything incredibly upbeat, and it’s infectious! Now I’m utterly exhausted, but it’s been a good day.

Here’s how it went…


These students dance and cheer at the entrance to campus all day, and particularly when anyone walks or drives past them. I’ve decided that I love being cheered as I step onto campus. (And they said they loved me! *sniff*)


The Northfield senior center owns this popcorn stand, which usually sits in downtown Northfield. Today they moved it to sit right in front of the student center and handed out free popcorn all day.

The East Wing

I led a tour of the library for students and their families. Here’s one of the brand new spaces that I think I’m going to really love. Comfy couches. Tables and chairs. Big screens to plug your laptop into. It’ll be grand.

There are several other places in the library that got updated with similar trappings this summer. I can’t wait to see how they get used.

Welcome Tent

Then I took my turn staffing the Welcome Tent. Students check in, get their room keys, get ethernet cables (from the IT people at the table next to us) hear about the library (we hand out trading cards that match their Fall term classes), and generally get all of their arriving-at-campus information in one place.

After all that, I hid in my office and frantically made research guides. I figure you don’t need a picture of that. :-)

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  1. “We hand out trading cards that match their Fall term classes.”

    Could you talk a little more about this? It sounds interesting–we’ve been wanting to do something with trading cards at our academic library for a while.

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    Yes, we’re the original Trading Card library — we’ve had them since 2001 and they’ve gone through several design changes over the years (baseball themed, Magic themed, Anime themed, comic book themed, and now LP album themed (here’s my most recent card). We have a card for each instruction librarian, and on the back we have all our contact information. So we hand them out at events, at the desk when making referrals, and in our classes so that students can follow up with us. Various offices on campus also have stacks of our cards. Admissions loves them and hands them out a lot. The Writing Center uses them to refer students to us. Faculty often keep a stack of “their librarian’s” cards (since we’re each assigned to specific departments on campus). They’re a lot of fun!

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