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On Not Attending Conferences

I realized today that I haven’t attended a conference since the fall of 2008. This brought me up short. I think of myself as attending about two national conferences per year, but apparently that’s not the case any more and hasn’t been for quite a while. I’ve heard from others who haven’t traveled to a conference in a few years because of budget cuts, so I know I’m not the only one who’s mostly stayed home for a while, but I hadn’t really thought about it until just today because I was never told I couldn’t travel — I just started deciding with each new announcement of an upcoming conference that I could skip that one that year, that there would be other conferences. And now here I am. I’ve skipped them all.

I miss seeing my libraryland friends face to face, I miss seeing other places that I don’t otherwise visit, and I miss the dedicated time to think about libraries without actually working in one right that second. But what I haven’t lost is the networking, discussion, and general information sharing that keep me up to date with the world of libraries. That’s all still going on every day in my computer, thanks to the Library Society of the World and its FriendFeed room.

I hope sometime soon I can get the full conference experience again, and I kind of hope that the next conference I attend will be an LSW unconference (hint hint, people!), but I’m really glad to have stumbled in with this crew of top notch people.

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