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  1. Megan Megan

    Although I’m sure you didn’t set out to make something this charming, you totally succeeded at it. :)

  2. Iris Iris

    Aww, thanks. :-)

  3. Another Megan Another Megan

    I’m jealous of your white board. I think I need to get one!

  4. Iris Iris

    White boards are indeed amazing. They also help a great deal with denial. For example, this week mine is clean. That is the depth of my denial. ;-)

  5. Heidi Heidi

    Somehow, this reminded me a lot of Uncle Jon. :)

  6. Dude. You have a penguin in your library. I think that would creep me out.

    Seriously, though, this is great. If I ever get a Flip, I may do something like this so that I can show students how to find my office when they come to meet with me.

  7. Iris Iris

    I kind of love our penguin, actually. :-)

    And I don’t have a Flip. I just have a digital camera. But luckily it has a little “record” feature that makes mini movies.

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