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Firefox Search Bar Frustrations

It’s a tiny thing, but I use it about a million times a day. It’s the FireFox Search Bar — it’s my supplier for all that Googly goodness I need in a pretty much constant stream throughout my day. I’ll probably get some sort of repetitive stress injury from the specific action of hitting ctrl-k. In fact, I sometimes even use this search bar to open a new tab since hitting ctrl-k and then enter (I have the box set to open searches in a new tab) can be easier on the hands than hitting ctrl-t sometimes.

But my search bar isn’t working, and hasn’t been for about a week now. I can ctrl-k myself there, type in my search terms, and hit enter, but where I’d expect to see a Google result list, I see a pristine Google home page. No search terms. Nothing. What’s more? I can change that Search Bar so that it says it’s searching Amazon, or IMDB, or anything, and when I type in search terms and hit enter… I get a pristine Google home page.

For a completely unrelated problem, I ended up uninstalling Firefox and and installing the new beta version, but the search bar problem didn’t go away when I did that. I poked at the internet for a couple of days trying to see if anyone had come up with a fix, but didn’t find anything. I searched through the Firefox support forum and knowledge base and found people having similar (though not necessarily the same) problems, being told to follow the directions in the knowledge base. Then the thread would be closed as “solved” before anyone could say “but I tried that already.”

Knowing a little bit about how these support forums work, I search hard before posting my own question. I know there’s no patience for people posting questions that have already been answered a million times. But I finally did, and I included in the post that I’d already tried those other directions with no success, and I’d already uninstalled/reinstalled, etc. And now I can’t find my forum post anywhere, so I’m turning to you. What do I try next? I’d really like this search bar to work. Really really really.

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  1. Mike Mike

    I had what sounds like a very similar problem with my search box. I found a suggestion to to into my profile directory and delete (I actually just renamed first) the file "search.sqlite" — that did it for me.

  2. Iris Iris

    Yep, tried that a couple of times over the last week. No luck.

  3. Ellen Ellen

    Perhaps it's clashing with some other Firefox extension? Try disabling some other add-ons and see if the functionality comes back. That's what we did when my husband's entire newsfeed randomly disappeared in Facebook a few weeks back. It was a recalcitrant greasemonkey script…

  4. Iris Iris

    Oh those pesky add-ons. That's exactly what it was. I went through them all, one by one, and it finally started working when I disabled NewTab URL (one of my favorites, of course).

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