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Citation Visualizations

A couple of people here on campus asked if there were any tools out there that would allow them to visualize the relationships between citations that they gathered over time in the course of a research project. Turns out, the options are limited and not at all user friendly. Here they are (thanks to Christina!):

  • There is CiteSpace. The demo video that you get when you click “webstart” and then go to “help” and “demo video” makes the whole thing look rather intimidating. It seems to run off of the same exports that we’d use to get information out of databases and into EndNote. The trick is, it appears to only work if you import stuff from ISI. I don’t see any way to manually enter a citation, though I’m certainly no expert on the software yet, so it may be there, just hidden. Here’s the User Guide (you may have to click through some server security stuff to see it).
  • The other option is Sitkis. This involves downloading ISI citations (again) and importing them into MS Access. I’m on a Mac at work, so I’ll have to see how this works when I get home to a PC with Access on it. Anyway, here’s Christina’s blog post about it.

Pretty limited options, eh? I sure hope there are more out there, but the People Who Should Know generally agree that there aren’t, at least, not yet. You know what I’d really love? If Zotero would take this project on.

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  1. Iris Iris


    *sigh* I know it's expensive. I know I'm incredibly lucky to have access. But you work with science-y types!

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