People said it wouldn’t happen. People said our meteorologists were exaggerating again. But it happened. Right in the middle of a lunch-time presentation, everything we were learning got suddenly upstaged by massive, long, drawn-out rolls of thunder while snow fell at a rate of 4 inches per hour. I’ve never seen anything like it. Four

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Learning to Look, Embracing Complexity

Today’s LTC Lunch (weekly lunch-time presentations sponsored by our Learning and Teaching Center) featured a panel of professors from five different departments talking about how they use our vast arboretum in their teaching. These lunches are often interesting, sometimes inspiring, and always worth the time (and provide free lunch!), and today’s was definitely inspiring. I

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Au Revoir, Uncontrolled Vocabulary

My good friend, Greg, has announced that Uncontrolled Vocabulary is going on a hiatus of undetermined length. While I’m selfishly sorry that I won’t be getting a new episode added to my podcast listening this week, I’ve got to admit that he has the best of all possible reasons for making this decision. So au

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