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25 Random Things You Probably Didn’t Want to Know About Me

I’ve been tagged about a bajillion times in Facebook to write up this list of 25 things, but I can’t write in Facebook. It’s kind of like I can’t write papers long-hand or even into Google Docs. I have to write them into Word. That’s just The Way Papers Are Written. And I think that little tidbit counts as Thing 1.


Thing 2. I wrote “Thing 2” through “Thing 25” all the way down the screen before starting to think of these things. Then I filled them in in random order. This is the 4th thing I wrote. “Thing 5” was the first. I don’t know what this says about my sense of organization.

Thing 3. I will read Jane Austen or Frank Herbert, Jonathan Safran Foer or Robert Ludlum™. I will not read Nicholas Sparks.

Thing 4. Just recently, I realized that the people that know me best in all the world include my mother, my friend from grad school, and a couple of librarians that I met online and almost always only see online. For a minute this struck me as odd, but then I got over it. I just wish all these people who know me so well would come live in my town.

Thing 5. I’m rarely bothered by mess or clutter in other people’s homes. In my own home it bothers me to no end (though this does not mean that my house is always clean and tidy, unfortunately).

Thing 6. I can’t spell. This causes me no end of angst and embarrassment, especially since I like to write. Spell check changed my life, and when it’s not around I use Google as spell check. Dear Google, tracking my searches must be incredibly amusing. “She’s searching for ‘hilarious’ AGAIN??? Hasn’t she found anything hilarious yet?”

Thing 7. I think 10 weeks it too short for a college term, but I don’t think I could survive 15-weeks of this kind of intensity.

Thing 8. When you speak to me, I can look you in the eye without trouble. When I speak to you, I’ll probably look elsewhere unless I concentrate.

Thing 9. My cat is more extroverted than I am, but I interact with more people than my cat does. I’m learning from him, though.

Thing 10. I’m a little bit extraordinarily empathetic. If you’re sad, I’m sad. Literally. If you describe a time when you were hurt, I hurt. Not badly, but I do feel it. Mostly, I like this kind of connection with the people around me.

Thing 11. I’ve always done my own taxes, but I have a multi-sheet spreadsheet that has all the calculations built into it. All I have to do is update key places to keep up with changes in rates and laws.

Thing 12. I remember my parents’ 30th birthdays quite clearly. I remember thinking they were old.

Thing 13. I often wonder where other people like me hang out in my town.

Thing 14. Socks are my favorite things to knit. I wish I were in endless need of new socks. However, since socks get walked on, I’m glad I don’t have to use my own hand-spun yarn like I would have in the days of yore. Hand-spun yarn is by far the best feeling yarn to knit with, though.

Thing 15. I love to dust but hate to vacuum. Vacuuming is so loud.

Thing 16. For twenty years, I’d put myself to sleep imaging what life would be like when I had children… the good, the bad, the details. I’ve stopped doing that.

Thing 17. My mother makes amazing bread from home-ground flour. I know it’s time to visit home when my freezer no longer has loaves from her in it, and I almost never make or buy any other bread.

Thing 18. I’m not vegetarian, but I rarely cook with meat unless I’m cooking for guests.

Thing 19. Eggs are my Kryptonite. I can’t even be around when they’re being cooked or I’ll have an allergic reaction that makes me basically dyslexic and moody for four days.

Thing 20. I love to cook, but only if I’m cooking for other people as well as myself. Please invite yourself over so that I’ll have food to eat.

Thing 21. I can just barely count the number of places I’ve lived on my fingers. Sometime I’ll need a mnemonic device to remember all the city names.

Thing 22. I only attended one day of “real” school before college. Due dates that included hours and minutes were quite the shock when I got to college.

Thing 23. My first doll when I was young was named Baby Peach because I loved canned peaches so much.

Thing 24. When I was growing up, watching my dad go through the process of getting his degrees, I promised myself I’d never go to graduate school. Then I went to graduate school more than once. Next time, I think I’ll promise myself I’ll never win a million dollars.

Thing 25. I refreshed FriendFeed at least 3 times for every Thing I wrote here. But I could quit any time.

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  1. Iris Iris

    Ah, T22. Yes, well, I was home schooled until college. My younger siblings all decided to go to public school for high school, but I didn’t want to do that.

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