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Best End-Of-Class Question Ever

Today I was teaching 6 upper-level linguistics students the ins and outs of Linguistics & Language Behavior abstracts, the crazy rules indexers have to follow that force the rest of us to OR together broad and narrow terms, using what you have to find bunches of other things you might need, and the Web of Knowledge.

It was a pretty good class, if I do say so myself, but the best bit was the very last 2 minutes when the very last question of the day went like this:

Student: “Do you really love being a librarian?”
Me: “Yes! [insert mini-blurb about what I love so much about it and how I got here in 2 sentences or less]”
Student: “How do you become one? Is there a special degree for it?”
Me: “Yes, there is. It’s a master’s degree. [insert mini-plug for being a librarian]”

I love my job.

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