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Who Knew You Could Study Zombies for Real?

I’ve been giggling at my desk at a post my co-worker wrote about how she stumbled on a whole set of scholarly articles and even entries in encyclopedias on the topic of Zombies. Here’s the image that started off her search.

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  1. Megan Megan

    The word “zombies” is a great one to use when demo-ing EndNote connection files and imports. Most library catalogs and databases have at least some things on them. There are zombie references in philosophy, film, literature, sociology, religion, computer science, cognitive science, etc. etc. It’s actually my favorite word to use. “Vampires” is a close second for the same reason. And from time to time, I’ll use “mummies” as well.

    Why yes, the first time I ever taught EndNote it was Halloween! :)

  2. tragicoptimist tragicoptimist

    That’s awesome, Megan. I’m thinking this will be a great example for certain classes. It’s an interdisciplinary topic, so you can talk about the advantages and disadvantages to discipline-specific databases vs more general ones. Plus, as you mention, it’s a term used in a lot of different disciplines, so if you are using a broader database, you can talk about the need to come up with ways to refine the search to get rid of the irrelevant hits.

  3. Iris Iris

    Wow. I need to get a better sample search term! Mine used to be “frogs,” which worked great…. until I realized that I’m the liaison to the French department (among others) and they might not appreciate such a term.

    Now I use “spring,” which is boring. I may have to switch to something like zombies.

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