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Free Book Covers for Libraries!!!

Way back in the day, we got all excited when people (Tim Spalding among them) started working on the idea of an open repository of book covers. Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, if we didn’t have to pay for these things, or follow Amazon’s restrictions about where images had to link.

Well, today Tim and LibraryThing have made that dream come true, or at least begin to come true. He lays out all the details (how to do it, what you’ll get, and what you should know before getting started) in this blog post.

Libraries of the world, Rejoice!!!

[Update 8/12: They raised the limit on the number of covers you can pull in per day.]
[Update 8/13: The LibraryLaw Blog thinks about the copyright implications of LibraryThing’s project. Don’t worry, Mary doesn’t slam the project. She just wonders about it, and presents us with section 113(c) as the possible best exception to exclusive rights for LibraryThing’s purposes.]

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