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New Phone!

I arrived this morning to find a brand new phone on my desk at work. Or rather, I found a new phone manual on my desk, wondered why somebody would leave me a manual, paged through it for a bit, and then realized that the phone sitting there was not my old phone, but a new one, complete with caller ID, conference calling, and the ability to go hands free!

Finally, I’ll be able to tell if my in-coming calls are likely to be questions, random calls from people not affiliated with the college, my co-workers, or (horror of horrors) a vendor. Finally, I’ll be able to pull more than one person in on my calls. Finally, I’ll be able to participate in those webinars that make you call in and participate online without choosing between full participation and a spasm in my neck.

This kicked me out of my Monday Mood for the rest of the day. Well… this and the first sunshine in weeks, and a glorious walk with co-workers to lunch, and the fact that it’s the last day of finals here. All in all, I guess it was a pretty good day.

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