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LSW Has Infiltrated My Life

An odd thing has happened. For the past several months, whenever I dream of work stuff (which is more often than I’ll admit in print), certain members of LSW are just… there. I’ll be in the middle of a dream meeting with my dream department, but in addition to the people who are in my real-life department there’ll be a couple of LSW people sitting there with us. We’ll all be sitting in our regular meeting spot in the library, tossing around ideas, planning big plans, talking about recent classes, and throwing out anecdotes about the reference desk. Sometimes LSW people will pop into my dream office to ask about something or to tell me about questions they just got, just like my real-life co-workers do. And all of this seems perfectly natural in my dreams. It’s not till I wake up that I realize these people don’t actually work at my library.

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