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Highlights and Lowlights

I’m still processing my thoughts after CIL, and I’m sure this won’t be my last post on the issue, but I thought I’d just give a quick thumbs up and thumbs down list.

Thumbs down (first so I can get it over with):

  • Arlington doesn’t seem to have a blue sky. I’ve only seen clouds. Does the sun ever shine there?
  • Vendors who clearly haven’t heard what we’ve been saying for years. C’mon people. We aren’t trying to be mean when we question your relevance ranking algorithm or your obsolete file structure. We’re just frustrated. And nothing’s changing in any fundamental way.

Kinda in between:

  • Wireless that doesn’t work. In all fairness, ITI clearly tried very very hard. There was a whole lot more connectivity than there has been at previous conferences. Unfortunately, all of our bandwidth needs have also increased and so we crashed it… regularly and with frequency.
  • And for all the guff people gave for new ideas that didn’t work (you know the ones), I think it’s great that ITI is really working to make sure this conference structure and logistics move forward with the times. It’s regrettable that many of these experiments flopped in a big way, but a track on open source and a track on new user interfaces were two great steps forward.

Thumbs up (to leave you with the good stuff):

  • The people the people the people
  • More accommodations for the laptop laden (a blogger’s row in the front of every room, complete with power strips. Yay for power strips!)
  • Watching the stenographer at work. I had no idea they did that!
  • Pecha Kucha!!!!

And even though nobody else will care, here are the top in-jokes from this year (feel free to comment with those I’ve left out):

  • One-eyed pink bunnies.
  • “Libelous and slanderous”
  • “I’m late for choir practice”
  • “Hookers and blow”
  • “I hate technology”
  • Lobby 2.0

[Edited to get the right things into the right categories. Thanks, Greg, for the heads-up. Advice to all: never blog when this sleep-deprived, no matter how much you think it’ll be fun and easy.]

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  1. Steve Lawson Steve Lawson

    If there was a stenographer for the Pecha Kucha, he or she should get a double thumbs-up!

    Was there one for LSW? If so, I owe that person a beer.

  2. Iris Iris

    I didn’t look for one at the LSW presentation. I only noticed them for the first time after that presentation. But yes… that would have been hard to follow. :)

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