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Happy End of National Library Week!

As we do every Friday of National Library Week, we handed out root beer floats at the library today. Usually, this is a fun day of standing in the sun and making lots of students happy as we wade our way through 10-ish gallons of ice cream and liters and liters of root beer. Today, it was a fun day of setting up inside the library where we were sheltered from the cold and the rain. But such is life. Ice cream is still ice cream. Root beer is still root beer. Even on cold, cloudy, rainy days, the two ingredients still taste good together. And we still ended up serving 8-ish gallons of ice cream in a little under an hour.

Best of all, it was a really fun hour squeezed into a crazy-busy day. Who says this was just about the students? It feeds my soul to feed root beer floats to happy students, to make a little ruckus in the library, and to make a little mess in the pursuit of levity.

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