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I Don’t Use Phones

… apparently. Which is perfectly fine with me. I actually don’t like calling people. How do you know if they’ll be there or not? Or if they’re busy? IM and email work best for me because I can decide how my message will arrive and whether or not I care that it’ll arrive when the other person can deal with it immediately or put it off till it’s convenient.

Well, today I retired my very first phone log. This is nothing fancy. It’s just a little pad of paper where I’d write down the date of in-coming and out-going calls, and relevant notes about date/person/subject and such. What makes this moment significant is that it took me three and a half years to fill up a little pad of lined note paper. That’s not a lot of calls.

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  1. Patricia Patricia

    Meee tooo!
    But unfortunately, I have to communicate with a lot of people who aren’t on IM or don’t read their email, or who prefer the phone because it’s more “personal.”

    Oh well…

  2. Laura Laura

    I used to rehearse little scripts in my head before making phone calls. Actually, sometimes I do still, though thanks to email, I don’t have to do so as often.

  3. Iris Iris

    I *still* make up scripts whenever I can. That’s why I prefer voicemail messages, or (best of all) EMAIL. I get to think up answers without having to make stuff up on the spot.

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