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Strategically Planning for Library Technology

Here’s a not-so-hypothetical question for you: What key technologies or kinds of technological trends should go into a three-year strategic plan for library technology?

Just brainstorming here, some of these are in the works and some of them may not be appropriate… but hey, I’m brainstorming.

  • Get a new catalog (boy, do I ever wish!)
  • Better platform for research guides (more interactive, less massive-block-of-text-ish, etc)
  • Clickers for classrooms?
  • Better space for assistive technology in the library
  • Evaluate space in terms of increased laptop usage and make printing from laptops possible
  • What about making the library mobile-computing friendlier?
  • Do we know what technology will be needed as we plan and implement a data service?
  • Implement federated search
  • Continue with the on-going project of evaluating/tweaking the library site
  • Continue to explore ways of integrating library services into Moodle
  • Continue to collaborate with the IT department as much as possible
  • Create better space for the manipulation/creation of multi-media projects
  • Here’s a vague one: keep thinking about how to make stuff easier to get to online.
  • I don’t remember where we are on our digitization initiatives, but I’m sure that’ll be part of this.
  • Continue to look for ways to put help at point of need…. that’s another vague one.

I don’t know what other departments will want or need, but luckily, I’m not the only one thinking of stuff to add to this plan.

I enjoy taking time to think about this kind of thing, but at the same time it feels weird. I already feel like if I want to try something, I can, and if our department needs to use or implement new technology, we get the support we need. So I guess I need to stop thinking of it as a “here’s what we wish we could do” document and more of a “here’s what we’re likely to want to try” document.

But I know I haven’t thought of everything. In fact, I feel a little less kept-up on emerging trends right now than I have before because I had to put other priorities ahead of that one last term. So what am I missing?

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  1. Jeff Scott Jeff Scott

    Have you tried techatlas? It can provide some ideas. You have to fill out some surveys for it to make assessments. This is more of an item when you are looking to keep your technology up to date. It doesn’t look at emerging trends in the extreme, but it does provide information on the level of technology your library provides. Hope this helps.

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