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Birth 2.0

Congratulations to Jason and Betsy, and welcome little Eliza!!!

This is the first birth I’ve ever followed on Twitter. I’m sure most of Jason’s 100+ followers were obsessively checking their Twitter feeds for baby updates throughout the day yesterday. I know I was. Then there was the tense 5-hour absence of updates while friends posted things like “not seeing any baby updates, hope everything’s ok,” or, “really falling asleep now, I’ll check for baby updates first thing tomorrow.” And finally, we heard that Eliza was born and everyone was doing well, and there was much rejoicing in Twitter Land.

Happy Birthday, Eliza.

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  1. Jenica Jenica

    First Lunch 2.0, now Birth 2.0. *grins*

  2. Iris Iris

    Tee hee. You can 2.0 anything you want, I’m learning. And it makes everything sound hip and cool and exciting. ;)

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