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Getting Back into Meebo Rooms

For those of you who haven’t yet gotten back into Meebo rooms after they went kerplunk last week, here’s what you’ve gotta do.

If the room is still in your buddy list, you get to do the short version.

  • Open the room. It will probably look like the screenshot to the right.
  • Click the little bar which, among all the nothingness, looks like it would open the media player (kinda up, kinda right). The room should now look like it’s taking on more structure, with spaces for typing and viewing. The problem is, it will still be completely blank. Fear not!
  • Close the room with the media area open.
  • Open the room. You should be well and truly in the room, and it should even function! You can now keep the media area closed while you’re in the room, but be absolutely sure you open it before you leave or you’ll have to repeat this whole process. (This is a bug Meebo is working to fix.)

If the room is not on your buddy list any more, you have to do the long version (by which I mean “may take longer and be more annoying” rather than “has more steps”).

  • Send your Meebo login name to a helpful friend who has access to the room. (If you send the name to an unhelpful friend, I cannot guarantee results.)
  • That friend must now add you as a buddy under the Meebo network (not AIM or Google Talk, or any of those other networks).
  • Then the friend can enter the room, click “invite,” and invite you’re Meebo name to the room. The friend may have to “re-invite” you a couple of times (by right-clicking on your grayed out name in the room and selecting “re-invite.”)
  • When you receive the invitation, be sure to “Join and Add.” Soon, the room should appear in your “recent rooms” area on the buddy list. Remember to make sure the media area is open before you close the room, though, or you’ll have to do the steps above.

And there you have it! Meebo says they’re working on the two bugs that require the media area to be open and that have disabled the “Become a Member” button in the rooms.

Oh, and may I just say that Meebo people are awesome! I sent them an email explaining the problems we were seeing. They wrote back and forth with me for a couple of days getting all sorts of additional information. Then they even sent MeeboTester3 into our room to hang out for part of an afternoon and do some mysterious tests. A few of us spent time explaining to the tester what we were seeing and the work-arounds we’d figured out. In the end, Dorothea was the one who figured out the media area trick and told the Meebo Tester. Woohoo for beating things with rocks!

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  1. Martha Hardy Martha Hardy

    One more important detail: to open the media player, you must click on the bar, as Iris says. If you, say, drag the bar to try to open the media room, this will NOT work. Not that anyone I know has tried this silly dragging thing, of course.

  2. Elijah Elijah

    I made a horrible name on a meebo chat room, and when I went back into the chat room, it told me the username wasn’t aloud and I couldn’t change my name. I really want to talk to all my friends but now I can’t! Can you help me please!

  3. I’m just a librarian, and one who hasn’t used meebo in a couple of years now, so I’m afraid I’ll be no help. I’d write to the Meebo people themselves. They were always responsive back when I was using them.

    Good luck!

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