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Brain Vacation Days

Every once in a while, to renew my grasp on sanity, I give myself a “brain vacation day.” I’m still at work, and I still do work, but I give myself permission not to tackle the really hard projects. I only work on the fun projects, or the little clearing-up projects that always get put off during the headlong rush through the term.

Today is one of those days. I couldn’t tackle a hard project if I tried, so I won’t try. I’ll recharge, reacquaint myself with my surroundings and my thoughts, get a bunch of little things done, and generally assess my progress on the things that need to get done soon. When this day is over, I’ll have a better sense of what needs to happen for the next few days, and in what order it needs to happen.

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  1. rtennant rtennant

    Iris, how nice of you to acknowledge something publicly that probably many of us do surreptitiously! You’re right, we all need a mental break now and then and it isn’t being lazy, it’s allowing our subconscious the bandwidth to organize what needs to be done. Thanks for putting it into words.

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