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Today is cold, cloudy, windy, and rainy. Perfect.

Yesterday’s weather was also perfect, but in a different way. It was comfortable, sunny, and generally a great day to sit on a porch and read a book, or go walking by a river, or go mushroom hunting in the woods. Unfortunately, I spent most of that day in meetings in rooms without windows or in my office (no windows). But there were several glorious times during the day when I’d have to go outside to walk to a meeting in a different building, walk to lunch, or drive across town for a meeting at St. Olaf. And when I got home from work, I spent the last peaceful hour of daylight sitting on my porch reading… which was exactly what I’d been wanting to do all day long.

But today is my weekend. I’m on deck for reference duty tomorrow afternoon and night, so I’ve got to squeeze every ounce of relaxation out of today. My plans? Sleep late (check), curl up on the couch with pillows and blankets (check), have a book, some DVDs, and my laptop within easy reach (check), and basically spend the day in a state of extreme laziness. I’ve precooked everything but my dinner, which I’ve planned to be an easy affair consisting of a maximum of 15 minutes of preparation followed by 45 minutes of the oven working while I re-snuggle into my comfy couch. I might catch up on some blog reading. I might actually write a substantive post or two. … Or I might not. We’ll have to see.

For days like this a gray sky, the sounds of wind humming through the pine trees, occasional splatters of rain on the windows, and temperatures conducive to snuggling in blankets are absolutely perfect conditions.

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