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The Library At Night

I don’t know of anyone who’s actually a fan of evening reference shifts. They’re long, they’re tiring, and they’re… well… in the evening. But once I’m here I always kind of marvel at what a different space this is in the evening. This is a side of the library that relatively few adults ever see, a side that I love.

During the day we see students working on the computers, napping on the couches, and printing (there’s always the printing).

In the evening, study groups gather around every single table in the reference area, our SMART boards host group projects and presentation preparations, students hang out, and the noise level bumps up a notch. The atmosphere is more… unconstrained. The two things that don’t change are the napping on the couches and the printing. Those things never change. Clearly the person who first talked Death and Taxes hadn’t recently hung out in an academic library. In reality, the four constants of life are Death, Taxes, Napping On Couches, and Printing.

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