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First Week

Walking through the student union just now, I was reminded again that the first week of classes in Fall term is probably the worst week of the entire school year. Sitting at one of the tables was a young girl that I think I recognize from New Student Week. She was making herself as small as she could, and trying so very hard not to cry. So very hard. Poor thing.

Being away from home and then inundated with work and promises of work with no idea how that work can possibly get completed in 10 weeks is just about the most helpless feeling in the world. All I wanted to do was go over and hug her. But then I remembered that when I’m in that state if anybody is nice to me that’s it, that’s when the crying starts. And once it starts, there’s no way to turn it off. So I didn’t hug her.

I hope I made the right choice.

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  1. Jenica Jenica

    Oh, Iris, I know that feeling. And even a kind smile is sometimes too much. Poor kid.

  2. love2cookpie love2cookpie

    I would hug her. Crying isn’t as bad as feeling lonely and scared.

  3. Laura C Laura C

    Oh, I’ve been there so recently that just seeing her would probably have sent me crying too. And would have wanted to sit down next to her and bawl my eyes out too.

  4. Kathryn Greenhill Kathryn Greenhill

    Oh..same thing happened to me 2 Fridays ago. I was in a hotel bar having a hot chocolate with a mob of librarians and in the booth near the door, a young lady sat staring ahead and crying quietly. I knew that one of the Unis was holding a ball in the next room, and guessed she’d come from there.

    I too had the urge to hug her, but reasoned that with everything she had to cope with, probably having a strange lady make close personal contact wasn’t what she needed. Or maybe she did need someone totally unconnected to her life to give her a hug.

  5. Steve Lawson Steve Lawson

    Wow. An here I was mentally working up a post about how great this time of year is.

    I suppose that one of the great things about college is that, ideally, students learn how to cope with that stress and loneliness in a relatively controlled environment, with lots of other people coping with similar stuff.

  6. Iris Iris

    As the day progressed I realized that 1st week is either the best or worst week of the year for everyone. Interesting.

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