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The Day that Lasted a Year

Today was one of those days that defies the laws of time and space, but in a bad way. From the moment I got out of bed until now, everything’s been a struggle. Reference schedule headaches, uncomfortably close brushes with confrontation, a group of students who hadn’t read the common reading book but who needed to discuss it with me for an hour, mass emails to all my faculty (9 separate emails for 9 separate departments), long and complicated reference questions during the 2 hours when I volunteered to cover the desk while nobody else could, and 6 or 7 other mini-crises marked my day and stretched it long beyond it’s normal hours. And through it all, Twitter was down. I mean really… I’m several straws past a broken back.

So now I’m sitting on my couch, in my PJs, aimlessly poking the internet, and watching my sister cook for me. Seriously, if my sister weren’t here I think I’d have skipped the whole dinner thing. Too much effort. But luckily, she’s here, and she was also up for ice cream before dinner… which is helping. Now I just need to survive tomorrow and then I can use the weekend to catch up on all the things I couldn’t get to today. *Sigh*

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  1. Michelle McLean Michelle McLean

    It must have been something about the day, although mine was a little different. We had all sorts of things going wrong at work, but I seemed to be on a roll and had the quick solution each time. Unfortunately, because it was a pretty lousy day, I wasn’t really able to enjoy my success in smoothing a lot of the bumps. Good luck with Friday – hope its much improved!

  2. Iris Iris

    I suppose that’s mostly how my day was, too. I seemed to handle most things that landed on me, but they just kept landing on me. I’m soooo tired. But now that I’ve had ice cream and a home-cooked meal that I didn’t cook, things are looking up. :)

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