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Of Not Eating in My Office

It’s been a kind of constant source of minor irritation that I haven’t been allowed to eat, munch, or even nibble while at my desk. If I needed a meal or a snack, I’d have to get up, go downstairs, remember I’d left my keys upstairs, go back up, grab keys, chat with a co-worker, answer a reference question (I tell you, being recognizable by students can have it’s down-sides), go back downstairs, unlock the staff room door, find my snack, eat it, and then return to work. You can see how that would put a crimp on things.

Well, all that has changed. Our new policy only prohibits eating in certain areas of the library (like anywhere near special collections, the archives, or the computer labs). Granted, anything greasy or sticky or smelly wouldn’t be approved. But technically I should be able to at least at my desk now, or rather at the desk in my office that doesn’t have a computer on it. (I’m not sure if my computer is a “computer workstation” or not.)

The problem is, now I’m not used to it. It doesn’t even feel like an option, so I haven’t taken advantage of our new freedom even once yet. In fact, I’d feel conspicuous and guilty if I did bring out an apple and start crunching away. What’s that syndrome where you start feeling loyal to your captor? Yeah… Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe I need to seek treatment for that or something.

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  1. Jenica Jenica

    Iris, you’re such a good girl. I would’ve been in open revolt, eating something obvious like mac and cheese at my desk, looooong before the policy changed. :)

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