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  1. Michelle Michelle

    I adore it!

  2. Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran

    Love it!

  3. Mark Mark

    Very nice!

    I’ll be sending you my address. ;)

  4. amanda amanda


  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Bam! Yow! Wow!

    Fan-tastic! :)

    Jenny Levine

  6. mlorfeld mlorfeld

    That rocks. I’m waiting for the next issue: Iris vs. Google-research-man (yeah, he got a pretty lame super power, not as cool as flying or x-ray vision).

  7. Iris Iris

    Thanks all! I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait till they’re all up online because as usual, they’re almost more fun as a group than they are individually.

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