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New Email/Calendar System: Week Three

The new email system is all-around ok, but it’s by no means been a seamless transition for my department. My new mantra (and I swear I’m going to stick a little card on my computer monitor that says this) is:

Even this is worth it if the whole campus is on one system.

For one thing, it’s thrown a little monkey wrench into my department’s system of publishing our availability to our students. Last year we came up with a pretty slick plan of using Google Calendar, sharing our calendars with each other (to facilitate making meetings), and publishing separate “Available Time” calendars for everyone else to see (example). It worked very nicely.

Well now we’ve got our Zimbra calendars, which are really only useful if everyone uses them. These are very much like Outlook calendars, or Groupwise calendars. You know the drill: email and calendar all in one place, people can see when you’re busy when they schedule meetings… the whole nine yards. Except that in our case, we’re only up to about 4 yards because of two significant kinks.

First, even if we use Google Calendars to subscribe to our Zimbra calendar’s iCal feed, we cannot make Google Calendar understand that this is ok to publish this on our HTML web pages. We’re now in the process of searching for another 3rd party program that we could use to mimic this functionality, but currently we’re stuck updating two calendars. Why? Because even though students could propose a meeting time and see if we’re free, we don’t know how many students will be using the calendar function this first year, and we do know that sometimes it’s much easier just to glance at a calendar a week at a time to get a feel for free time. With all the appointments we do, we need an easy way for students to see when they can come see us that doesn’t require any training. So that knocks about two and a half yards off the “whole” right there.

Second, not everyone is going to use this new calendaring system. I know of one whole department in the library that’s said it’s going to stick with a Google Calendar system that’s working well. And I know full well that many professors and students won’t bother. This means that even within the library we won’t be able to use the new system to it’s full potential, let alone with the wider campus. So that knocks at least another yard off, if not two, and my optimistic nature has to work even harder to sprinkle it’s habitual pixie dust over the situation and keep me mellow in the belief that this will be wonderful.

A third kink doesn’t come nearly to the level of the first two, which is why I didn’t include it above. But for now it’s a pain. For now, we can’t sync with our palm pilots, so that means maintaining yet a third calendar for all those times when you’re in meetings trying to schedule new meetings and really need a portable calendar. (And no, we don’t have cool data-enabled phones, more’s the pity.) But hopefully this kink will disappear very soon, which is why I choose not to be annoyed by it for now.

Still, my optimistic self keeps thinking that there is still value in having a campus-wide system, and that there’s enough value that even this is worth it.

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  1. Jeff Scott Jeff Scott

    I think there are more advanced ways to sync the google calendar in Groupwise and Outlook. I know Groupwise has its own set of tools. I use it to sync my personal google calendar and my groupwise. However, I found GooSync works best when using my PDA. It syncs my groupwise, pda, and google calendar nicely.

    Ya gotta love progress :)

  2. Iris Iris

    Yeah, I’ve thought about syncing the Google calendar with my PDA, but the problem for me is that since my Google Calendar is the public, completely visible to the world kind of calendar, I can’t keep the kind of notes or specifics there. And currently we don’t have Outlook, so that option doesn’t work for us yet. We were so please to be able to subscribe to our Zimbra calendars in Google, and thought that would solve all of our problems… but Google then wouldn’t publish those subscribed calendars publicly… ARG!

    I don’t know. Maybe there’s a perfect solution that’s just staring me in the face… but something’s just not clicking with our current set of tools and needs. Hopefully once we get Outlook a lot of these initial problems will solve themselves.

  3. Phil Phil

    If you have time you might check out Calgoo (

    The free version may be able to sync the calendars for you. Although I’m not completely sure I have a complete “big picture” view.

    I played with an old version some and it seemed to work fairly well for my simple sync tests… although I didn’t really get to play too much with it.

    If you do get to try it out please let us know how it goes!

    Phil Lobbes

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