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Good Beginnings

I’ve been dreading today. It is going to be a work-filled day. Now that we’re ramping up for fall term to start, there are time pressures that sometimes make for long, work-filled weekends.

I didn’t help things when I stayed up way to late in the LSW Meebo room having a grand old time with the others who were there. And my cat didn’t help things by waking up me several times throughout the night, probably to tell me about the rain, but who really knows.

So I was, as I said, quite prepared to hate today.

And then I realized that the steady rain was falling straight down, that my porch was relatively dry under its overhang, and that I could turn this into the best morning of the summer. So here I am, sitting on the porch, listening to the rain hit the wilting trees and the dried up grass. To make things even more comfortable, I have a sweater and blanket on (it’s actually chilly out here! welcome after a three-week heat wave), my laptop at hand, and a book. I figure an hour or so of this kind of bliss might just make the rest of the weekend seem less onerous.

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  1. Iris Iris

    I agree. I *wish* I could have that hour ever day… but so far I haven’t been very successful at carving out that kind of time. :)

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