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Blogging Vacation

You may have noticed that blogging around these parts has slowed to trickles and little spurts lately. And strangely enough, this isn’t for lack of topics. Seriously. I’ve never been one for keeping lists of posts I want to write, but lately I’ve developed a ridiculously long list of topics, none of which have made it here.

Well, I’ve been busy with both work and non-work stuff, and a little bit more susceptible to stress than usual, and a little, well, blah. Fine, but blah.

So I’m going to take next week off from blogging, from stress, from stuff. I’m going to get some power-relaxing in, some reading, and some staring into space. Then I’ll be back and thinking about tackling that list of bloggable topics. Or not. Maybe I’ll have a whole new bunch of topics to blog about by then. See you then!

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