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Eight Random Things

There goes Josh, making me think of random things… Some day I will repay him. Some day…

  • I am unable to make this into an ordered list. Blogger hates order? Perhaps. More appropriately, though, I’ve simply never taken the time to explain the ordering of lists to Blogger’s CSS. This must change. Eventually.
  • I’m working today, even though it’s Memorial Day. I can only think with irony of the email our college president sent out calling on us all to “take a moment” to remember blah, blah, blah… Well, I’d rather take a day. And yet I giggle as I anthropomorphize my institution and watch it ask, “Days that are holi? I do not understand. What are these days you call ‘holi’? And why won’t my mail be delivered?”
  • I love to anthropomorphize things, especially pets. My pets speak to me, and I speak back. Trees and tables and weather also have personalities. It’s just the way things are.
  • On Friday my sister gave her last concert prior to her graduation. I’ve been going to amazing choir performances by elite student choirs for just about 8 years because of her, and I’ll miss this activity. She’s ended up in some truly fantastic concerts, and I’m not just saying that because I think she’s amazing.
  • My online life has become more important to me than I ever considered possible (or healthy) before I started this whole adventure. I’ve met the most amazing people and learned the most amazing things. I’ve even gone on to meet some of you in a non-virtual sense, and that’s priceless.
  • I drink a lot of tea.
  • Students on my campus are still here because classes go to the end of this week and finals are next week. Why is that? Because we run on the quarter system. Stupid quarter system.
  • I come from a family of four siblings, and each of my parents come from very similarly sized families (4 and 5 siblings, each of which has a family of 2-4 children). And all of our layers of family are very close (though not in a spacial sense) So unlike Steve, I find gatherings of 40-odd related people to be quite normal, if a little overwhelming.

And that’s 8 (I think, though counting bullets is not easy). And no, I don’t do the tagging thing, at least not formally. I tag YOU.

And now back to catching up from being gone for 3 and a half days…

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  1. laura laura

    A day off is better than a moment, though I’d trade them both for adequate health care coverage for veterans (and for everyone else, for that matter). And then we can move to having more vacation time, ala Europe, and then. . . okay, enough pipe dreaming.

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