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What’s Up With Snow In April?

Every time I start thinking I could get used to living here, the weather does something else to prove to me that I’m definitely a transplant. Snow? In April? 10 days after 80-degree weather? What’s up with that?!?

The wind is incredible, there’s snow (not much, but still) on the ground, and I’m generally in a bad mood anyway (brought on by an allergy that messes with my moods rather than my breathing). The only good thing is that there’s sun.

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  1. Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran

    Ah, yes. Winter in Minnesota. Er….Spring in Minnesota.

    I got a delivery this weekend of new patio furniture, which is currently sitting in my foyer, mocking me.

  2. Iris Iris

    So sad. All dressed up and no place to go. Such is life in these parts, I suppose.

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