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Spam 2.0

I’m having an easily-annoyed afternoon, so take this with a salt shaker of salt, but I’m just sayin…

Is it really a good idea to syndicate content from everything you do online to everything else you do online? If your photos get automatically included in your blog’s feed, and you up load a whole boatload of them, my aggreggator creaks and I get depressed. If you syndicate your linkblog and your blog to twitter, that means I either click on those TinyURLs or get browster to retrieve them for me only to find that they lead to a post that leads to a link. So… click on link to find link to click on… wash, rinse, repeat. This does not make me a happy camper.

The problem being, I really do want to keep up with the other stuff in your feed/twitter/blog/etc. But feed readers and twitter don’t have any filtering system.

I guess what I’m getting at is that there’s some value in giving me choices about what I subscribe to and not forcing me to double-sub by syndicating something I’m already subbed to to some other thing I’m subbed to.

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  1. jennimi jennimi

    Hey…. I love the title of your post! I can imagine being annoyed with this, too, though I have never encountered this kind of “forced subscription” thing. With libloggers anyway. I wonder, and this is just a quick thought off the top of my head, if it’s an issue on the reader side? Maybe interpreting different portions of a web page as different subs? I use Google Reader, subscribe to many liblogs, and have pretty good luck with lack of spam 2.0. But again, I haven’t encountered specific examples so am just letting my imagination get the best of me. :)

  2. Julian Julian

    Salt shaker… associated with something that would be appropriate for the end of a long Friday…

  3. Iris Iris

    No, jennimi. Unfortunately these problems are deliberately included in the feed by the liblogers. It’s just a couple of people… but it’s annoying. I’ve unsubbed from them entirely in the past, and I may again. But I hate to unsub from the blogs of people I’ve met in real life. (My own hang-up)

    And oh, Julian, I wish I’d seen this last night… That’s a good idea. :)

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