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CIL Aftermath

Sitting here in the airport, waiting to go home after a morning spent with such last-minute things as figuring out how much to tip hotel maids, everything seems suspended out of time. I’m exhilarated and exhausted all at the same time. Happy to go home, sorry to leave. It’s been four wonderful days full of ideas, inspirations, fun, and the best company imaginable.

In the absence of an internet connection (when did this become such an life necessity?), I took the time to draft this post and transfer my pictures from my camera to my laptop. Tagging them as I went, I had to giggle when I remembered the librarian next to me in one of the session when, asked to write down a tag for a picture the presenter projected, wrote her tag in perfect LCSH (including double dashes). You’ve gotta love librarians. And I must admit, I have librarianish tagging tendencies, too. I use plurals to describe countable nouns and singulars to describe uncountable nouns, I don’t often tag pictures of me “me,” and I rarely attach more than a couple tags for any picture. But I draw the lines at double dashes and qualifiers.

And you’d have to be a librarian to get a kick out of the jokes that were flying a couple nights ago at the Irish pub in town. The CIL snowball effect had taken hold and we’d gathered well over 20 librarians by the time we left the hotel. One of them (our personal jester, as it turned out) looked up as we sat in the pub, noticed a bunch of books lined up and tilting into the spaces where some had been removed, and asked “Does anyone have the compulsion to go straighten those books?” We giggled. That was only the beginning. That was before our jester (Eric Sizemore) nearly killed Steven Cohen by suggesting that we twitter in DDC… “How are you feeling?” … “745.5944” … and then we started twittering requests for DDC translations of concepts … and then some librarians started twittering us the answers. Yeah. We completely geeked out. You probably had to be there, but for those of us who were, it’ll live on in CIL lore for generations.

But now my plane is getting ready to board. I’m not a nervous flier, but I always get a little nervous about my seat neighbor. Two equal horrors may await me: it might be a nervous (or worse, an air-sick) flier, or it might be a talker. My duo combo of audio book on iPod AND magazine (which I pretend to read) should take care of the later, but there’s no help for the former. Luckily the former is very, very rare.

There are a couple more sessions I’ll blog about later. But for now, wish me happy travels.

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  1. Mark Mark

    Well, my friend, it sounds as if you’ve left me far behind. You’re a “big girl” now and can go hang with the Uber-geeks on your own. ;)

    Yes, Eric is a bit of a card.

  2. Iris Iris

    A bit of a card… Wow. Steven was a little put out at not being the funniest guy in town any more. :)

  3. Jenica Jenica

    “A little put out”?

    He wanted him to GO AWAY, I do believe… and that’s a polite (if less funny) retelling. ;)

  4. Iris Iris

    LOL. You’re right, Jenica. He even said that. More than once. :)

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